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Ready to take a magical journey back in time? Welcome to KYUN-HD3 MAGIC 95.1 FM, Magic Valley’s exclusive station for Pop, Soul, and Rock N’ Roll. We’re the home of the biggest hits of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and early ‘80s, bringing back treasured memories for our 5,829 dedicated weekly listeners.

MAGIC 95.1 FM is more than a station — it’s a nostalgia machine, rekindling fond memories and good times. As our audience jams to timeless tunes by Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and more, they’re taken on a journey back to unforgettable moments, creating a rich tapestry of engagement for brands like yours.

Here’s Why Your Brand Should Dance to the Beat of MAGIC 95.1 FM:

  1. Reach Your Perfect Audience: Our core listeners are adults aged 35-64, a mature demographic known for their brand loyalty and consumer power. When you advertise with us, you reach this influential audience at their most relaxed and receptive.
  1. Sync Your Message with Our Melodies: By aligning your brand with our iconic playlist, your message becomes a part of our listeners’ cherished musical experiences, fostering an intimate connection.
  1. Leverage Our Trust: MAGIC 95.1 FM is a respected source of classic hits in our community. The trust we’ve built with our listeners can lend credibility to your brand when you advertise with us.

Step into the Spotlight with MAGIC 95.1 FM:

Our diverse advertising opportunities, from customized commercials to sponsorships, can match your unique brand needs. Our award-winning creative team is adept at writing catchy copy that strikes the right chord with our audience, resonating with the classic vibe of our station while retaining professional integrity.

Ready to take your brand to the top of the charts? Fill out the form below and let’s kickstart your success story on MAGIC 95.1 FM.